Life is good, eh?

Hi! My name is Sean. If you're here you probably already know me from somewhere, but even if you don't, thanks for visiting! There's not a lot to see here; this is what I do when I'm bored. I enjoy making music and websites, a good combination... (Look! In the distance! It's... carpal tunnel syndrome!)

I think the free software/information/culture movement is the coolest thing in a long time, I secretly don't like The Corporate Machine (except Apple. I know.), and I hope to change the world a teeny bit for the better one day. If I ever do, though, it won't be because of me - it'll be because of all the cool people that really do so much, and the people that have made me a better person. (Which is a lot of people.) Life is pretty exciting.

Have a nice day, and take care. Thanks for visiting!
 - Sean Boots

Life is good.